DIY Fashion Week Trend #1: Jason Wu's Spring 2014 Glittery Eye for Day

Now that we're ankle boots-deep in New York Fashion Week and all its accompanying trends, I've decided to embrace the week's spirit of innovation and experimentation by shaking up my routine a bit. This week, I'll be trying out a brand new hair, makeup, or clothing trend every single day and taking it to the streets. It's one thing to try red eyeliner in the privacy of your own tiny bathroom, but it's quite another thing to let your favorite barista see you that way. You know?

First up: the amazing rose-gold glittery eyeshadow at Jason Wu Spring 2014. It wasn't just cool — it was paired with breezy white daytime clothes, which I'm taking to mean that Jason wants us to wear glitter long before the sun sets.

Peter Michael Dills/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Into the Gloss snagged a backstage pass, where makeup artist Diane Kendal told them that this look was intended to conjure up a "Marlene Dietrich feel." She shaded the models' lids with a brown eyeshadow and dabbed a summery rose gold glitter in the middle of the eyelid, then finished off with a super-thin line of black eyeliner and mascara.

I happened to have a tiny pot of Bare Minerals Extreme Bronze Eye Color lying around, so I pulled a Diane Kendal and applied the brown shadow + glitter + liner + mascara in the bleary light of 8 AM. I then threw on a hat and went to coffee with my boyfriend.

Glitter for day is a trend I'm always down to get behind, but the rest of the world was surprisingly unmoved at the sight of me and my artificially-sparkling eyes waltzing into the coffee shop.

Putting on such a genuine "look" first thing in the morning definitely made me feel like I was starting the day out with real purpose — I did notice, however, that the glitter did nothing to disguise how tired I looked in pictures. In fact, it probably accentuated it. (Take another one, I kept begging my boyfriend.) And to be honest, glitter around sensitive eyes + haven't had coffee yet = sad, puffy-eyed girl. Still, I managed to take at least one self-indulgent close-up:

Lesson learned: love this look, but it's best saved for that magical post-noon hour when the sun's high in the sky, your after-lunch cappuccino has kicked in, and your eyes are wide awake and ready for something new.