Watch Obama and Willie Nelson Singing Together

by Nuzha Nuseibeh

If you, like me, woke up this morning with the polar vortex casting a long and dark shadow over your weekend, then you need — and I mean need — to see this. Because if anything is going to give you a pick-me-up, it's seeing President Obama and Willie Nelson singing "On the Road Again" in the most awkward, wonderful performance you could imagine. It'll fill your heart with good things and also kind of remind you of Donkey from Shrek, but in the best way possible.The show — which featured performances by others such as Mary J. Blige, Daughtry, Common, Romeo Santos — was aired Friday night on PBS, as part of the music special,"A Salute to the Troops: In Performance at the White House.” It saw hundreds of service members join the Obamas on the South Lawn of the White House in honor of Veterans Day and in recognition of U.S. troops.Around 50 minutes into the eclectic program, Obama gets on stage to introduce Nelson. "I think it is fair to say that we need to finish up with somebody who knows a little bit about music, knows a little bit about America and loves our troops: Mr. Willie Nelson," the President tells the audience. He then leans over to shake Nelson's hand — there's a bit of an awkward left/right moment there, but they sort it out — and when they're done he adds, with just the smallest smile:

Pool/Getty Images News/Getty Images
Willie says I'm going to have to sing with him. So I'll try it out.

Which is when everything becomes surreal and wonderful. The leader of the free world is admittedly shy at first, but he bobs along, and snaps his fingers, and looks every bit the awkward dad-figure as Nelson begins his iconic "On The Road Again." About a minute into the song, Michelle Obama bounces onstage and casually saves the day, shimmying like a pro.

At this point, probably buoyed by his wife's presence, Obama makes an effort to join in with the singing, but clearly doesn't quite know all the words. Then, as the music builds, he gets into it. Sure, maybe he's only mouthing the chorus, but who does know all the lyrics, anyway? Suddenly, he's smiling and closing his eyes and clapping; at the end excitedly yells out: "Give it up for Willie Nelson!" and hugs the country singer (and maybe they even exchange a few words about Willie's infamous presidential mansion joint.) All in all, it's pretty awesome — especially considering the rough week the President has had.

Watch the clip below or the entire from PBS here.