Is Drew Barrymore actually done with acting?

by Nicole Pomarico

The reality of balancing kids and career isn't exactly revolutionary — just something millions of working moms across the country deal with on a regular basis. However, when you're a working mom who's job occasionally takes you all over the world to movie sets and red carpets, it's understandable that things get a little more complicated. That's the case for Drew Barrymore, and now that Drew Barrymore's mom to two adorable little ones, Olive and Frankie, she's finding that she might actually end up choosing motherhood over her acting career.

Wait, what — Drew Barrymore's retiring? That sounds like kind of an impossibility. After all, she's been acting for most of her life, and how can we expect Adam Sandler to find another co-star? But when she sat down with Today's Savannah Guthrie, she explained that, since becoming a mom, her career's definitely taking a backseat. As it turns out, Barrymore's not crazy about spending so much time away from her daughters, and when she's not with them, she feels like she should be. She explains it like this:

"I think I will act less and less. It's hard to be present when you wake up before them and come home after they've gone to bed. That's just not the way I want to have this journey with my kids at this point in their life. But maybe when they're older, I will feel differently. But at this point, I think it has to be few and far between."

This change of direction for her career stems from the fact that Barrymore had a pretty unstable childhood, and unsurprisingly, she wants to make sure that doesn't happen to her kids. Because of her upbringing, she says she's found she's pretty traditional in her parenting style, and that when she thinks of the way she was raised, her first thought is that "that's the exact opposite of how I'd want to raise my kids." Who could blame her for deciding to put her daughters first?

Besides, having a baby and a toddler (or even just one of those) is a full time job, and those little kid years are precious. If Barrymore wants to be home making memories with her kids, that's absolutely where she should be. But I doubt she'll give up acting entirely. OK, so Blended wasn't exactly a masterpiece, but so many of her films were. After all, you can't deny that Never Been Kissed is a classic. I'm not ready to let Barrymore go!