'The Theory Of Everything' Wins the Specialty Box Office So Does This Mean It's A Shoe-In For the Oscars?

A James Marsh-directed, Eddie Redmayne-starring meditation on Stephen Hawking's life and love, The Theory Of Everything is one of those movies that seems clearly to include everything that attracts awards consideration. That makes Theory Of Everything 's specialty box office success all the bigger indicator: This is not a movie you're going to stop hearing about until at least Feb 22, 2015, the day of the Oscars.

There are still all sorts of factors to consider in the film's path to awards season, of course, and it's not exactly guaranteed who'll get nominations and who won't; box office success doesn't always lead to awards recognition, after all. But it seems clear this movie will at the very least have a presence. According to The Wrap The Theory Of Everything's brought in $207,000 from only five theaters. At about $41,000 per theater, that puts it behind three of the other films who've done super well in limited release this year: Wes Anderson's Grand Budapest Hotel, Alejandro González Iñárritu's Birdman, and Richard Linklater's Boyhood.

At this point a lot of speculation over Oscar nominations can ring silly: We're still waiting on the consensus for a lot of movies, so it's hard to really narrow down the contenders. But the Academy does tend to fall all over themselves for at least one super sentimental movie per year, and Theory Of Everything has all the elements that seem to be lining it up to be this year's. You can expect at least three of those top-four specialty box office winners to make appearances in 2015's Oscar nominations, very possibly all four. A lot of things are still uncertain, but those ones seem like good ones to bet on.

Image: Focus Features