In Other News: June 14, 2013

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BPA, a chemical found in most food packaging like aluminum cans, drink straws, plastic packaging, and even cashier's receipts, may be making preteen girls obese, according to a scary new study by Kaiser Permanente.

This weekend, the American Medical Association's House of Delegates will meet in Chicago to vote on resolutions that include, among other things, whether cheerleading should be designated as a sport. Haven't they seen Bring it On?

Lululemon is trying to recruit a CEO with an eye-catching post at the top of its homepage. The list of quirky qualities Lululemon is looking for in its new "head boss person" includes the ability to "communicate powerfully, often through Sanskrit," willingness to get "your OM-on (loudly) whenever the urge arises," and having the desire and vision to bring yoga to Mars by 2018. Also, 5-10 years of fielding see-through pants scandals preferred.

Studies in Brazil and India have found that giving women access to cable television decreases birthrates. No, it's not because guys are suddenly too busy watching the game. The researchers speculate it's because TV exposes rural women to soap operas featuring more urban women with careers, initiating a shift in their values.

A new free website called Roomidex aims to make it easier for people in New York and San Francisco to find "cool roommates." All you need to do is log in with Facebook and the site will show you a list of people with whom you share contacts and who also meet your apartment-search criteria. The site doesn't launch until Monday, June 17, so there isn't much diversity among matches yet - most are Harvard grads. Super cool.