Guy Dances In His Underwear Like The Broadway Baby He Is, Gets Busted (And Recorded) By Roommate — VIDEO

Sometimes, it’s hard not to turn cleaning your house into a major act on Broadway. You’ve got the music blasting, your mop (which you have repurposed into a theater prop), and you have the luxury of being alone to belt out those tunes like no tomorrow. Or at least you think you’re alone. In this video, a guy walks in on his half-naked roommate singing his blessed heart out as he Swiffers the hardwood floors (by the way, I’m having total hardwood floor envy right now — am I a grownup yet?) in his boxer briefs. Even their pet dogs are astounded, as they sit and watch the show from the stairs.

In the video, you can see that this dude has some major talent. His roommate might be laughing at him, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Ellen DeGeneres plucked him from the YouTube hole and turned the agile bae into a star. The guy is pretty mortified that he was caught swinging those hips and singing along, but I think he should really put himself out there. I mean, he clearly has an inclination for dancing and singing. It also doesn’t hurt that he doesn’t look too bad without a shirt on (you were all thinking it, okay?)

(And yes, since you asked, we totally allow for the possibility that this entire thing is staged and that Abs McUnderpants over there is deliberately trying to go viral and get famous. Whatever, we'll play our part. We're all just playing the game, la la la!)

Krewski on YouTube

Image: Krewski/YouTube