Macaulay Culkin Death Hoax Mocked By the Actor With This Hilarious Response — PHOTO

Unfortunately, Macaulay Culkin was the victim of a death hoax this weekend and has just become another addition to the many celebrities who have faced this pretty sad and somewhat sickening trend where strangers attempt to convince strangers that a famous actor has died. Oh people of the Internet, you never cease to amaze me. Word quickly spread on Friday that the celebrity had died in his Manhattan apartment, and, because of this, some fans who fell into the trap even posted their condolences for the actor to various social media platforms. Thankfully however, Culkin responded to his death on Twitter with a few humorous photos on Saturday, providing some comedic relief to the situation.

Posing in one photo smiling while holding a drink, Culking captioned it with “We’re on tour you silly people,” while he posed with his eyes closed in the arms of a friend in a second photo. The 34-year-old actor (Home Alone) and musician (The Pizza Underground), even retweeted a fan whose tweet read, “Macauley’s first words: ‘I’m alive!’”

Not only must it be frustrating for celebrities to go through things like this, but it’s probably extremely concerning for their friends and family who stumble upon fake news like that as well. I’m glad that Culkin had a sense of humor about it, but even more so I’m happy that he’s alive and well.