Bravo's 'Girlfriend's Guide To Divorce' Ads Get Cut After Controversy — PHOTO

Uh... Los Angeles and New York City, when did you guys become so uptight? I guess it must have been relatively recently, because according to The Wrap, they've been shutting down Bravo's advertisement posters on public transit for the show Girlfriend's Guide to Divorce . This isn't like the whole The Strain situation though, where they took down the signs because they made whoever looked at it physically ill (including me *shudders*). This is more along the lines of cursing censorship, except no one's cursing...exactly. It's just a smart insinuation of of it. The Wrap explains, "The print ad features the show's lead actress Lisa Edelstein holding up her ring finger — as she might her middle finger — with the tag line, “Go Find Yourself.”

If you ask me, I think the sign is actually really clever and not offensive even in the slightest. I don't know, maybe I'm just crude by nature. The Wrap divulges what their source relayed to them,

"Metro Los Angeles immediately declined the ad. New York's Metropolitan Transportation Authority initially approved the image. But a short time later, the MTA changed its mind and declined the ad because it 'implied inappropriate creative,' because of the tongue-in-cheek nod to the F-word."

Bravo said in a statement to The Wrap, "The ad is an accurate representation of the show's humor, attitude and story, so rather than ‘divorce’ this creative concept — we found alternative sites for it to run in NY and LA." Meaning that they wouldn't be taking the New York MTA up on their request for an "alternative" advertisement. Moral of the story here? Don't try and stifle Bravo's fun, major US cities.