Tyra Banks Transforms Into 15 Supermodels In Tyra Banks Presents: 15, Upstages Everybody Yet Again

Trends may come and go, kingdoms may rise and fall, but it's hard to imagine an era in which Tyra Banks isn't relevant. In case you'd forgotten about her for the merest of seconds due to New York Fashion Week, the mother of America's Next Top Model reminds everyone that she's still queen with an insane new photography exhibit, debuting today at Jack Studios in NYC. (There's a VIP reception at 7 PM. Um, how do we crash that party?)

The exhibit, called Tyra Banks Presents: 15, features Tyra Banks posing as 14 iconic past- and present-day supermodels. The 15th portrait? Tyra today posing as Tyra at age 15, the age at which she started modeling. The photos were taken by Udo Spreitzenbarth, and Tyra released three of the photos on her Instagram feed this weekend. Above, she's Cindy Crawford, while here she poses as Cara Delevigne (attitude and all):

And this one is Tyra as the waifish Kate Moss:

The exhibit also features her transformed into Twiggy, Iman, Linda Evangelista, Kate Upton, Karlie Kloss, Brooke Shields, Claudia Schiffer, Grace Jones, Jerry Hall, Lauren Hutton, and Carmen Dell'Orefice. The spectrum is daunting, but if anyone can pull of a Kate Upton and a Twiggy in the same day, Tyra can.

In case anyone thought modeling was just pretty girls lolling about on sofas, this exhibit is bound to prove them wrong. It takes more than just makeup and hair to complete Tyra's transformations; her facial expressions and body language show that this is a model who can inhabit any body she wants. And she doesn't need digital help, either: the entire exhibit is completely unretouched.

Tyra Banks Presents: 15; September 9-November 9, 2013; Jack Studios, NYC