Katy Perry Hugged A Pillow Of Nicki Minaj's Butt

Look, I'm not gonna pretend to understand what life as a pop star is like. I feel comfortable with the answers being a mix of "pretty weird," "pretty awesome," and "pretty horrible." So Katy Perry sending a pic of herself hugging a Nicki Minaj butt pillow instead of showing up to the EMAs to accept her Best Video award for "Dark Horse?" I'm not gonna pretend to understand that. I'm just going to take in that it happened and wait for the thinkpieces to com pouring in.

Perry is a very busy lady, and it's not like she's the first celebrity not to show up to collect an award. I'm looking at you, Benedict Cumberbatch; I'm still waiting for that Emmy acceptance speech. But — and I admittedly don't have the data on this — she might just be the first to accept a big award with a picture of her face all nestled on a pillow recreation of a fellow musical artist's butt. According to Perry's acceptance speech Minaj sent the pillow to her herself, which makes it....better, maybe? Or just different?

Minaj, for the record, has responded to Perry's use of the pillow. When reading her response, perhaps think of how you would respond if a friend used a pillow of your butt that you sent them to accept a big award. Not the most relatable scenario in the world, but...