Will USA Renew 'Playing House' for Another Season?

There's is one question that USA needs to answer, stat: Will Playing House ever get renewed? If they don't tell us soon, fans, aka Jammers, of this amazing comedy starring Lennon Parham and Jessica St. Clair are seriously going to lose their minds, not to mention sleep, over whether this show revolving around true best friends will ever come back into our lives. Who doesn't love a comedy featuring a talented duo (in more ways than one) acting as two besties whose love runs so deep that one of them gives up their high and mighty career to help her BFF raise her baby? If that isn't friendship, I don't know what is.

As a 28-year-old single woman focusing on her career, all while dealing with life, I can still relate to Maggie and Emma, which proves why this show needs to return. It strikes a chord with all women and best friends, even if you aren't middle-aged, in the middle of a divorce, single, raising a baby, or anything else that Maggie and Emma go through on the show. It's funny in a real-life way. It's sweet, but not too much. It pushes the envelope in all the right ways. So, why hasn't it been renewed? Fans are now left in utter disbelief to the possibility that Parham and St. Clair might not appear anytime soon on our small screens.

What is wrong with this world? If USA can give Chrisley Knows Best a renewal along with a holiday special, but can't give Parham and St. Clair, not to mention the totes kewl supporting cast, including Zach Woods, Keegan-Michael Key, and Jane Kaczmarek, another opportunity to knock our socks off, I might have to sick Bosephus on the network.

With that said, there is zero word on if/when Playing House will return. Jammers continue to tweet concern. Entertainment outlets continuously write pieces explaining why this comedy needs to return. The cast is also voicing their love for fans and their show. With no news, comes bad feelings. In other words, the chances are not looking good. If anything, I'm sick of being left hanging and need to know USA's decision so I can start planning a huge celebration or start drowning my sorrows.

I'll leave you with this one amazing and touching moment proving that Playing House is pure gold.

Now, in the words of Jennifer Love Hewitt, USA:

Images: Andrew Eccles/USA Network; Giphy (4); mulaneysbutt/Tumblr