Did "Blank Space" Make a 'Twilight' Reference?

by Kadeen Griffiths

Update: Director Joseph Kahn revealed on Twitter Monday morning that Yahoo! accidentally released the "Blank Space" music video too early. However, Swift has released the music video officially to her Vevo as of early Monday afternoon.

Taylor Swift has done it again, you guys. Her latest music video offering is sweeping the Internet and it's causing a major meltdown as her fans go into severe shock from how good it is. Well, perhaps shock is the wrong word. After all, we've been singing Swift's praises since she came out as feminist — or at least I have. However, it can't be denied that the "Blank Space" music video is literally the best thing that Swift has done since "Shake It Off", which is really saying something. Because "Shake It Off" was absolutely amazing.

In the music video, Swift shows us exactly what the line "nightmare dressed as a daydream" really means as she and her latest boytoy go through the highs of their relationship before she suddenly snaps and goes crazy on him. As soon as he speeds away from her for good, a new boytoy shows up so the process can begin anew. However, among the fun and clever and crazy video was littered a series of references to other songs, films, and music videos, like an homage to all the greats. Some of them were easy to pick up on — Swift slid a Mean Girls reference in there — and some of them were a little more obscure — am I the only person who saw a hint of Ghost Rider? — but I collected them all for your viewing pleasure.

Here's every reference that I could find in the "Blank Space" music video.

1. "Partition"

Driver roll up the partition please... As many of you will remember — and if you don't remember then go and re-watch the Beyoncé video immediately — "Partition" opens with Jay Z and Beyoncé sitting across from each other at a fancy table, while Beyoncé makes heated eyes at him from across the room. Swift might not be making heated eyes, but she's definitely making eyes.

2. Twilight

Not only does the cover of the Twilight novel feature two hands holding an apple in a similar position, but they even went as far as to include that exact shot in the film adaptation as well. Of course, both of them are referencing the Bible with the symbolic shot, but that is neither here nor there.

3. Mean Girls

If I need to explain this reference, then you don't even go here.

4. "Shake It Off"

As we all remember from "Shake It Off", a glasses-wearing Swift steeples her fingers exactly like this during the music video. Clearly Sean the "Blank Space" Music Video Guy needs to learn to shake it off.

5. "Before He Cheats"

Swift might not be taking a Louisville Slugger to both headlights, but I think a golf club works just as well. Either way, that car is garbage.

6. Wuthering Heights

Yes, I know they didn't have fancy cars back during the time that Wuthering Heights was set, but a fancy old house by the moors that's covered in fog, mystery, and insanity? That's straight out of a gothic romance.

7. The Picture of Dorian Gray

I think Sean should just be glad that everything that Swift did to his portrait didn't actually happen to him. Otherwise, uh, yeah.

8. The Parent Trap

Remember that scene from The Parent Trap in which Annie — disguised as Hallie — rode horses through the vineyard with her father until he tried to drop the Meredith bombshell? I got flashbacks to that moment with this scene, which ended a lot better than The Parent Trap scene did.

9. Once Upon a Time

As Once fans know, Rumpelstiltskin and Belle recreated the beautiful scene from Beauty and the Beast by having a honeymoon dance in an abandoned manor dressed like their Disney counterparts. Swift and Sean weren't dressed like Beauty and the Beast, but a honeymoon dance in an old manor will forever remind me of Rumbelle. Sorry not sorry.

10. Romeo and Juliet

I mean, Juliet didn't later set Romeo's clothes on fire and throw them off the balcony, but I imagine that if they had lived longer than three days then she totally would have. After all, Romeo was kind of fickle, so their love really only lasted forever because they both died before the break up.

11. Ghost Rider

Any time anyone carves their sweetheart's name into a tree, I will forever be reminded of young Johnny from Ghost Rider. It's not exactly "J&R Forever", but I feel "Sean + Taylor" gets the same point across.

Check out the music video below.

Image: Yahoo!