Margot Robbie's Mystery Man Works in the Biz

by Daniela Cabrera

I remember anxiously awaiting the release of Wolf of Wall Street, mostly because my forever bae (since his Titanic days) Leonardo DiCaprio was rumored to give the performance of his career. But when I saw the film, it was not long before a new face shone just as bright on the screen next to the seasoned actor's: Australian actress Margot Robbie. Besides the fact that she's a total babe, Robbie was PERFECT as the trophy wife of DiCaprio's Jordan Belfort, complete with a nuanced Long Island accent, the right style, and just the amount of attitude to make her endearing. Following the film, Robbie pretty much secured her spot on every "next hot thing" list and was sent into a wild whirlwind of press, high fashion shoots, and of course, castings in highly anticipated new films.

On Monday, rumors surfaced on the interwebs that she'd been cast as The Joker's boo thing, Harley Quinn, in David Ayer's upcoming DC Comics flick, Suicide Squad It's also of note that supermodel Cara Delevingne was apparently also up for the part since she's been pursuing her acting career and that Jared Leto "is circling a key role in David Ayer‘s Suicide Squad that could prove to be The Joker." Ummm, is that not the most perfect casting? Anyway, so now that Miss Robbie is swiftly climbing up on everyone's radar, and will possibly be starring alongside a single, dreamy and charming Jared Leto, it's only natural that we ask the very important questions, like IS SHE SINGLE? Do I have reasons to be even more jealous? Let's find out.

So based on my premium lurking-on-the-Internet skills, I can deduce that Robbie has been playing the dating game a little bit this year with two really handsome guys who work in the film business, but behind-the-scenes. In January of this year, Robbie spoke to E! News on the red carpet for the 2014 Golden Globes and was seemingly a single lady, telling them, "No, I don't really wanna date an actor, so this probably isn't the night I'm gonna find someone." Alright, so we will take that.

Then, about a month later, she was spotted flirting with Henry Aitken, a crew member on her post-apocalyptic film, Z for Zachariah, while filming in New Zealand. Soon after, Aitken, who worked in the art department of Zachariah and has been a model, posted a photo to his Facebook profile with a woman who looks eeeerily similar to Robbie. And when you make a guy's profile photo, that's how you know it's real. The two were seen strolling through London as late as April 17, but then, things get interesting.

Two months after this sighting, Robbie was photographed kissing a new man, who Just Jared identified as Tom Ackerley. Judging by Ackerley's Instagram, we can find that he has also worked on a film Robbie was in — third assistant director on Suite Française, which began filming in June 2013. Although she was mostly spotted with Aitken in the beginning on this year, seems like Robbie and Ackerley have at least been friends since the U.K. premiere of Wolf of Wall Street in December 2013, as he posted a photo of his ticket.

Like most relationships of ladies in our 20s, it is seems like Robbie spent a few months "trying out her options" with two cute guys, and I am all for that. Since those photos in June, it seems like Robbie has been going strong with Ackerley, as she was photographed just last week with him heading out of Heathrow Airport.

On a side note, it was also reported that Orlando Bloom has been trying to get with Robbie, so maybe she's turned him down because of her steady relationship. Plus, she did say she definitely does not want to date an actor, so a hot man behind-the-scenes seems like just the right remedy. Lucky girl AND guy!

Images: Giphy; Getty Images