Correct Me If I'm Wrong, But I Don't Think This Guy Is Doing CrossFit Correctly – VIDEO

There's a CrossFit gym opening around the corner from my house and I have to admit, I'm not sure what CrossFit is. It seems like this guy being covertly filmed at the gym working out has no idea what CrossFit is either. But I'm going to give him 10 points for effort, because I'm too terrified of CrossFit to even try it, whereas this guy is just saying "Okay, screw it. I guess whatever I can do here will work." Alternating between hopping like a frog with a weight machine extension cord to pick up a huge round weight and crawling along the ground (allowing the weight of the machine to drag him back along the ground), this guy is either trying to get a workout in the most unconventional way ever, or he's doing some kind of CrossFit performance art.

Someone once told me that in CrossFit, you have to quickly and angrily punch a truck tire over and over again. After hearing that, I decided that CrossFit was utterly ridiculous and something I will definitely try one day, and obviously be no good at. So this fellow is basically future me. He heard CrossFit was crazy and involved heavy things, and he interpreted it into this bizarre workout routine. Kudos to him for being so self-motivated. Watch the strange and wonderful CrossFit attempt below. Or maybe it's some kind of new trendy workout that's yet to catch on. The only person who knows for sure is the guy working the weights (and he seems a bit too busy for us to ask).


Image: Getty Images