When Does 'Parks and Rec' Season 7 Start? And 17 More Questions About Leslie Knope & Co

It has been too long since we've been in the small town of Pawnee — unless you re-watch old episodes of Parks and Recreation, in that case you're probably itching for something new. When will Season 7 of Parks and Recreation air, amirte? It's set for a midseason premiere, which means we most likely have to wait until January for the final 13 episodes of the series, when all of the other shows start up again after the winter hiatus. I know. It seems like an impossible feat to survive that much longer without our favorite Pawnee Rangers.

As we wait for Season 7 to begin, there might be a few questions you have for the show's last season and about the characters. Will Ann return? How is Leslie's new job going? Is Tammy (1 or 2) going to come back and ruin Ron again? Here are all of the big questions we have for the final season of Parks and Rec that will hopefully be answered.

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Will Ann Perkins Return?

We need this poetic and noble land-mermaid back in our lives! ASAP!

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How Is Leslie's New Job Going?

We were left on a three-years-in-the-future cliffhanger. From the looks of it, she was kicking ass and taking names (mostly John Hamm’s).

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Will Leslie Every Make It To Washington?

And stay there? I know Pawnee is her home, but we need more women like Leslie in D.C.

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Will We Get Another "Treat Yo Self?"

Or as I should say — we need another “Treat Yo Self.”

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What Will Tom's Next Business Be?

And how can he incorporate the word “swag” into the company’s name?

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How Are The Triplets Doing?

And are they running as President, VP, and Treasurer of preschool?

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Will We Meet Another 'Lil Sebastian?

Because if the last season doesn’t pay homage to our favorite miniature horse, is it even worth it?

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Where Will Andy End Up?

Chris Pratt is Mr. Popular now, so we might not see our favorite lead singer/shoe shiner/ goofball that often in the final season.

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Is Tammy 2 Going To Return?

Yes, yes she is. In the season’s second episode “Ron and Jammy,” Megan Mullally returns as Tammy 2. This time around, Ron tries to set her up with Councilman Jamm, a.k.a., the best and most nightmarish couple ever.

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How Many Waffles Can Leslie Knope Eat?

I think Season 7 calls for a waffle-off.

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How Much Billy Eichner Will We Get?

We need more angry Craig!

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Who Will Rachel Dratch Play?

This is probably the best casting news in the world of casting news. Dratch played multiple rolls in Tina Fey’s 30 Rock, so it was only a matter of time until she managed to snag a role on her SNL pal, Amy Poehler’s, show.

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Jean Ralphio Will Be Doing...?

As long as he’s singing about it, I don’t care what he’s up to.

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What Does It Mean That The Mockumentary Format Will Be Abandoned?

Season 7 might look a little different, as the final season is planning to abandon the mockumentary format that we’ve become accustom to. But fear not, you’re still guaranteed a lot of laughs.

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What Political Forces Will Join Leslie?

My money is on Hillary Clinton or RBG, but that’s just me.

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What Will Jerry/ Larry/ Gary/ Lenny/ Terry Be Called?

Maybe something from left field, like Paul.

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Where Will It Leave Us?

No doubt the final season will be emotional. We’ve gone on quite a journey with these characters, and it is bound to be a tear-jerker when we say goodbye.

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