Scribd Introduces Audiobooks to Its Subscription Service

The book subscription game just keeps on evolving. In the latest move by a company in the running to become the true "Netflix of Books," Scribd now has an audiobook library for subscribers to enjoy. Long live the spoken word!

As far as audiobook libraries go, its size is certainly nothing to sneeze at: 30,000 titles. That's a lot of listening time! And apparently, Scribd is hoping that it will not only entice audiobook fans into trying out the service, but will also get current subscribers to try out the digital audiobook experience. After all, it's all good for Scribd.

It seems that books subscription services are still trying to expand and find their footing in this new market. Scribd is introducing audiobooks. Oyster is making their platform more social. Amazon Unlimited is presumably trying to figure out how to get major publishers to let them stock any of their books. And libraries — which after all not only lend e-books at most locations, but also let you borrow hard copy books — are off in a corner scratching their head why anyone is paying for the services they provide for free.

Ah well, to each her own. The point is, if you're a Scribd subscriber, now is a great time to check out the brand new library currently at your finger tips for no additional cost. And if you're someone who spends way too much on, it might be time to check out an alternative.

Listen on, book-lovers, listen on!

Image: Fotolia