'Swamp People' Go All Swamp People On a Dude

Well, you gotta admit, when you see a show's called Swamp People you don't exactly expect the cast to be the super classy type. Still, you don't necessarily expect them to attack people with beer bottles, either. Nevertheless, today has seen Swamp People stars arrested for that very thing.

R.J. Molinere and Jay Paul Molinere are the stars in question, getting involved in what was allegedly a serious case of road rage last month. The pair were involved in an altercation with a man on the highway, which culminated in the Molineres following the dude to a local mini-mart and attacking him with the aforementioned beer bottle. The man sustained injuries to his forehead and jaw, along with a black eye.Now, the Molineres have surrendered to the cops. Booked on charges of aggravated battery, they were then released on $1,000 bonds. The pair have been on the History Channel's Swamp People since Season 2. These are two guys who make their living as reality stars capable of wrestling alligators, so you gotta feel for the anonymous dude on the highway who found himself on the other end of their wrath. How exactly do you compete with that, especially if the fight is two-on-one? [Image: AllieMaurine]