Is 'AHS' Character Dandy Mott Related to Bloody Face? Plus 17 Other Questions About the Twisted Universe

There are a lot of insane things that happened on this season of American Horror Story, but the craziest thing about Freak Show has nothing to do with killer clowns or Edward Mordrake. American Horror Story: Freak Show is the first season to have specific ties to previous ones, which led to creator Ryan Murphy revealing that, yes, all the universes of American Horror Story are connected. Now that we know that the anthology series has common threads weaving through the different seasons, fans have plenty of questions as to just what those threads are. Click through to read some of the biggest questions about the American Horror Story connected universe.

Images: FX

by Kaitlin Reilly

Is Dandy Mott connected to Bloody Face?

It’s possible that Dandy and “Bloody Face” — a.k.a. Dr. Thredson — could connect at some point in the future, given the close timeframe between the events of Freak Show and of Asylum. Perhaps Dandy and Thredson meet at some point in the future and encourages the other to kill. Alternatively, Thredson could take over for Dandy’s murder spree when he meets an untimely death.

Is Pepper The Pepper From 'Asylum?'

Yep! She is! Murphy confirmed that actress Naomi Grossman would return to the anthology series as the same role she played in Asylum, thus sparking the “connected universe” theory. The events of Freak Show occurred directly before the events of Asylum, making this Pepper’s pseudo “origins story.”

Is Sister Mary Eunice Entering The 'Freak Show' Universe?

She is! According to reports, she will spend time at the Freak Show for reasons involving Pepper.

Did Dr. Arden Take Elsa's Legs?

We know that Elsa’s legs were cut off by a doctor making a snuff film in Germany during World War II. Dr. Arden cut off a patient’s legs in Asylum, and is a former Nazi.

Are Nora and Charles Related To Madison Montgomery?

Could Murder House’s socialite and her doctor husband be the ancestors of Coven’s celebrity-turned-witch? They share a last name and an “I’m-better-than-you” attitude.

Are Evan Peters' and Taissa Farmiga's Characters Star-Crossed Souls?

The characters were involved in a romantic relationship in both the first and third season, despite questionable circumstances. Could all of the characters share a soul that bounds them across space and time? (Very Vampire Diaries, right?)

Is There A Connection Between Jessica Lange's Characters?

It sure seems like they have at least certain personality traits in common. Constance from Murder House was a one-time actress, Asylum’s Sister Jude was a night club singer, and Elsa is an aspiring screen siren. Fiona from Coven craved power and a lavish lifestyle. Could these women all be doppelgangers with the same soul?

Is Meep Connected To Thaddeus?

They were both portrayed by actor Ben Woolf. (RIP, Meep.) Thaddeus was brought back from the dead on Murder House years earlier than Meep’s death in the early 50s, which means that I had to shelve my theory that Meep’s body was used to reconstruct Thaddeus’ corpse. Still, it’s American Horror Story — anything is possible.

Could Elsa Mars Be Sister Jude's Twin?

In the very first episode of Freak Show, there is a woman sitting in the audience who looks exactly like Elsa Mars as a clown. It is never mentioned again. Could that be a hint that Elsa Mars has a twin, perhaps Sister Jude from Asylum? Whether or not the two ever met is an entirely different question, but they appear to roughly around the same age, given the timeline of both shows.

Are O'Hare's & Jessica Lange Connected?

Three out of the four seasons feature Denis O’Hare being in love with (or, in the case of Freak Show, pretending to fall for) Jessica Lange’s characters.

Could Vivien Harmon Have A Connection To The Freak Show?

Vivien mentions that she has family in Florida during American Horror Story: Murder House. Could that family be from Jupiter?

Could Violet From 'Murder House' Have Turned Into A Witch?

It’s possible, right? Violet died young, but before she did she was extra sensitive to the ghosts in the Murder House and seemed to share some sort of communicative ability with them. Though she tried to do a spell at the end of the season (and failed) that could have been because she was ultimately a dead witch — not because she possessed no powers at all.

Is Madame LaLaurie Related To Ethel From 'Freak Show'?

Well, do YOU have any idea where Ethel’s accent is from?

Are The Motts Connected To The Montgomery Family?

Gloria mentions that killers are common in “extremely affluent” families. Could she be referring to the incident that murder/suicide of the Montgomery’s in Los Angeles almost 20 years before?

Was Jimmy Destined To Have Daddy Issues?

If we’re working with a doppelganger theory, then perhaps Jimmy of Freak Show — played by Evan Peters — is destined to have issues with his father. Tate from Murder House had a dad who “left” (a.k.a. was murdered by his mother), and Kyle from Coven also had an absentee dad.

Could Maggie Be Revealed As A Legit Witch?

Sure, she’s faking in now on Freak Show, but what if she isn’t actually lying about her fortune teller prowess? She is, after all, the spitting image of powerful witch Madison Montgomery…

Is The 'Freak Show' Entrance The Entrance To Hell?

One big American Horror Story theory is the idea that none of the stories take place in reality, but are instead taking place in some type of doomed hellscape. The entrance to Elsa Mars’ freak show certainly correlates with that theory.