J&D's Bacon Condoms May Be The Best Condom Flavor Yet, If You Don't Think About It Too Hard

We've heard of bacon cupcakes, bacon ice cream, and even bacon-flavored vodka, but nothing could have prepared us for the novelty that is J&D's bacon condoms. While it might seem crazy to us, the product seems to be the next logical step for J&D's, which is a company obsessed with all things bacon related. They've already released things like bacon lip balm and bacon lube under the headline "let's get weird," and apparently they're ready for you to get even weirder.

The new bacon condoms come in a handy three-pack, and are sold for the ripe price of $9.99. And as if the flavor isn't enough, they actually look like a strip of bacon, prompting J&D's to release the punny slogan, "Make your meat look like meat."

It's a genius idea, especially after the recent buzz over Durex's pumpkin spice condom, which turned out to be a hoax. Fortunately, these new condoms seem like the real deal. The only question left to consider is whether they'll actually pass the taste test. And, of course, whether a bacon company can match the quality of trusted condom brands. For those who aren't afraid of a little experimentation, however, this may be the perfect product, and one that will certainly garner the approval of meat lovers everywhere.

What started out with creating bacon lube as an April Fool's joke, therefore, has spiraled into a potentially profitable endeavor for J&D's. But whether or not their condoms actually taste good, one thing's for sure: the company has definitely given a whole new meaning to the term "bed and breakfast." Still, only time will tell if this new condom flavor is yet further proof that everything is better wrapped in bacon.

Images: evanarthurb, melissa-juliette/Tumblr; Justin Esch/Facebook