Does Taylor Swift's Music Video BF Have a GF?

by Marenah Dobin

Even though it was only released Monday morning, everyone is already obsessed with Taylor Swift's music video for "Blank Space." This is expected with pretty much anything Taylor Swift-related, but this time the focus has shifted away from the pop star. Or it least it has a little. Swift has a co-star in her "Blank Space" video and I'm not talking about that random deer. Everyone wants to know more about T. Swift's hot love interest. Well, his name is Sean O'Pry, and he's the world's top earning male model. This is why he might look so familiar — because he's appeared in many well known fashion advertising campaigns. God he is good looking, but what's his story. Is Sean O'Pry single? Is he in a relationship? Is he looking?

Now that I finally realize who he is, I yearn to know more about him. It's as if finding out this information gives me some sort of actual chance of meeting him or asking him out. But anyway, unrealistic thoughts aside, I still want to know more about Sean O'Pry's love life. Do not act like you are above this speculation. I know that you want to know all about the male model's romantic situation. Don't deny it.

Here's what I found:

He'd Like to Get Married Someday

Chelsea Lauren/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

In a 2012 Daman interview, O'Pry said, "I can’t wait to one day have a wife and kids... but not right now. I’m just doing me, and staying focused on my career right now. So just flying solo at the moment." Well, now it's 2014, so maybe that "flying solo" thing has changed...

He May Have Dated Ming Xi

It was rumored that O'Pry dated fellow model Ming Xi from 2012 to 2013. The two made-out for a Gap commercial, and judging by the information out there, it's very possible this was the only basis. As for if this is really true, or if they really are just good actors, it's hard to say. Just check out the intensity of the make out session. There is definitely some strong chemistry there.

He May Have Dated Diana Moldovan

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

So apparently O'Pry has a thing for models considering that he reportedly dated Diana Moldovan starting in 2006, according to New York Magazine. So if you're trying to date him, maybe you should keep that in mind. This seems like a #TotalDiCaprioMove, but it does make sense. As the top earning male model in the world, he must work pretty often, especially with female models, so who else is he going to meet? Judging by the lack of information, it seems as though this was a rather low key relationship, but I feel like the Taylor Swift music video is going to amp up Sean O'Pry's social profile. Good luck to his next girlfriend!

He Does Not Seem to Have a Girlfriend

There are no clear signs of O'Pry having a girlfriend. Then again, he could just be really sneaky, so take that lack of evidence with a grain of salt. He is very active on his Twitter and Instagram accounts and there are zero signs of a special lady in his life other than his mother, sister, god daughter, and puppy Mya. He does post about those ladies a lot though and seems to have an appreciation for women which would make any lady lucky to be his girlfriend. If you scroll through his Instagram, he seems to be a pretty funny guy who is very active and likes cooking. Obviously, Instagram is just what people choose to put out there. We can all make our lives seem different with some carefully filtered posts, but I just get a genuine feeling after creeping this Instagram account. This one is a catch.

Oh, and he is a male model, so there's that.

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