Leo DiCaprio Is A Very, Very Deep Thinking Guy

by Rebecca Jane Stokes

Leonardo DiCaprio is a complicated and complex dude. I say this because he can, over the span of just a few months, make headlines for laughing it up (and rightly so) upon witnessing Orlando Bloom get into a fight with Justin Bieber and then go shoot a commercial for an Italian tech company where he makes laying on your ass in the middle of a field swarming with bugs seem like a restful and sexy escape. HE'S GOT DIMENSION, Y'ALL! I should know considering how many hours a younger me spent quietly cutting out photographs of him from magazines and taping (or gluing, sorry mom!) them to my wall for quiet hours of contemplation of the sexiest variety. Also, to be fair, this commercial is from a few years ago, but who cares.

In theory, I get why this commercial is a thing. Who doesn't love the Italian countryside or the artistic endeavors of LDic (BEST NICKNAME EVER PENNED)? It's also not exactly something new for A-List celebrities to add a little money to the bank by shooting commercials overseas. But I don't know, man, Leonardo DiCaprio being unshowered and dangling a caterpillar gives me a lot feelings. But none of them are of the "man, I gotta get me some of those electronics" variety. If this was a commercial selling fields, or a public service announcement reminding me that Leo's still got it, I'd be all "well-played, ad, well-played." But as it stands currently, I just feel kind of vicariously itchy and concerned about how Leonardo's going to get back to civilization.

Also, what is he so stressed out about? I do like considering a situation in Italy that sent Leo scrambling to a field for alone time. Did a supermodel laugh at him? Is he favorite yacht being deep-cleaned because someone had bed bugs? Does he miss Gisele? I hope that the answer to all of these questions is yes. I hope there is a sequel to this ad that follows Leo as he tries to make it back to civilization, a feat made increasingly more difficult when the battery dies on his phone.

Image: Getty Images