Margot Robbie’s Instagram Will Make You Jealous, But You’ll Enjoy Every Minute of It — PHOTOS

It's no secret that Australian actress Margot Robbie is gorgeous. If you saw The Wolf of Wall Street in which she starred with Leonardo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill, you obviously saw a lot more of Robbie's beautiful side than you probably anticipated (and some aren't complaining). She's a talented actress, who first grabbed my eye as Laura on ABC's short-lived series Pan Am. Now, Margot Robbie's is catching my attention thanks to her colorful Instagram account.

Even though Robbie only has 25 Instagram posts — which seems like a ridiculously small amount because we're so used to seeing stars tweet and share up a storm — her account is tastefully done in a way that I want to live inside each of her photos. For real. Robbie doesn't obnoxiously post every moment of her daily life like some people who take Instagram to an entirely new level. Her media is beautifully shot showcasing many sides to the actress that you might not have known existed. We get to see her travel side, her fun side, her fashion side, her ballet side, her inspirational side, among many, many others.

You're probably asking yourself, "How can someone show that in just 25 posts?" Well, Robbie does, and here's just a little taste.

Her Travel Side

Her Fun Side

Her Ballet/Pilates Side

Her Inspirational Quote Side

Her Fashion Side

Her Sports Side

Her Animal Side

Her Surf Side

Her Family Side

Her Sentimental Side

Yeah, I'm going to need more Instagram photos from Robbie, stat.