New 'Peter Pan Live' Teasers Prove There's More to the NBC Production Than Campy Posters — VIDEOS

This holiday season is gonna get all kinds of campy and for that we have NBC's upcoming Peter Pan Liv e to thank. Two new previews for that production just came out, and it is abundantly clear that this is going to be extremely wholesome and extremely full of what Executive Producer Neil Meron calls "the Christopher Walken way of playing Hook." Apparently, that means that Peter Pan Live is the Christopher Walkenest.

These new previews have it all: Flying, dancing, Walken Walkening and Allison Williams Peter Panning. We get the producers bragging over what a great leader of the company Williams is, and we also actually get to hear tiny snippets of her singing in character. Perhaps even better than that, though, are the glimpses we get of her as Peter Pan was meant to be: the rambunctious leader of that ragtag band of lost boys.

They can set her and Walken up to preen for the promotional shots all they like, but that's what's gonna make or break this show — Williams' ability to completely embody the spirit of Pan. These previews actually have me optimistic that Williams can pull this off without becoming the punch line of the entire production, like Carrie Underwood's Maria von Trapp.

Check out the previews below.

Image: NBC