The Ariana Grande Bubble Chair GIF Is The Best GIF

by Kristie Rohwedder

At Sunday night’s EMAs, mini melismas maven Ariana Grande opened the awards show with a one-two punch of undeniable jams “Problem” and “Break Free.” Ari's voice sounded great, the middle part hairstyle looked hawt, et cetera. But most importantly, the performance gave birth to the best GIF of the night/weekend/month/year. The Ariana Grande Bubble Chair GIF.

After Grande and two backup dancers vogued to “Problem” for a quick second, the “Break Free” laser beam intro queued up. A bubble chair descended from the sky. Ari climbed aboard. The backup dancers transformed into ride operators and secured the pop star in her seat. I assume one backup dancer/ride operator whispered a safety spiel into Grande’s ear: For your safety, please remain seated and keep your hands, arms, feet, legs, and any cat ear headband souvenirs in the bubble at all times. And then, we had lift off. But rather than zoom on over to Ari's next stop, the bubble proceeded to travel across the arena a hilariously mellow pace. So casual! So chill!

My roommate called out the hilariously mellow pace. He cackled. His cackle was contagious. I began to cackle. Our cackles grew louder. We were like two shrieking banshees on a sugar high. The visual of Ari cruising past Jupiter in that bubble chair at approximately five miles per hour set against the thumping EDM track was too much for either of us. Had our screeches been any louder, I am certain the townsfolk would've showed up at our door brandishing torches and pitchforks.

Why exactly was it so funny? I don't know, it just was, OK?!?!

Once the performance ended and we'd wiped the tears of joy from our eyes, my roommate knew what he needed to do: find a GIF of that beautiful EMA moment. And that’s exactly what he did. A true American hero, he is.

So, when and how should you use this treasure of a GIF? Don't you fret! My roommate and I brainstormed some GIFtastic scenarios. I will share that list now.

When someone says something you don't want to dignify with a response:

When you fart something nasty while walking through a crowd:

When you hear the coffeemaker's first drip of the morning:

When you have to pee but you don't want make a scene by running to the bathroom, so you casually stroll on over to the lavatory instead:

When you drive away after bumping into a stranger's car while trying (and failing) to parallel park in too small of a space (it's fiiiiine, you didn't leave any marks):

When it's Bagel Thursday at the office and you want first dibs:

When the pizza delivery guy rings the doorbell and you don't want to be out of breath when you answer (I mean, who doesn't struggle with resisting the urge to sprint to the door when there's pizza waiting on the other side?):

When you hit someone with a truth bomb and don't care to hear his/her thoughts:

When your friend sends you a "R U on UR way?" text and you're like, "I'll get to the bar when I get there.":

When you're the first person to get up from the table for seconds at Thanksgiving but you don't want to draw attention to yourself:

When that one coworker is on his/her way to your desk to talk your ear off about what an ordeal it was to return some bath towels he/she bought at Target ("I brought the wrong receipt! I never do that! Can ya believe it?!") and you just don't have time/energy for it:

When you decide to take the PCH because the view is unparalleled and you're not in a rush:

When your BJ's Brewhouse pager buzzes and it's finally your turn to be seated:

And with that, I must be off. If only there was a GIF for a moment like this!

Image: Giphy