'The Santa Clause': Where Are They Now?

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Ready to feel absolutely ancient? The Santa Clause, that Christmas classic that probably helped define your childhood, turns 20 this year. People who were infants when that movie came out are drinking legally now. People who were born four years AFTER that movie came out are driving legally now. It's old. You're old. #Nostalgia

But what is the movie's cast up to these days? Twenty years is a long time. Charlie "Plain Milk's Fine" Calvin is almost 30 now. And the elves - THINK OF THE ELVES. What's Original Judy up to now (sorry, fake, replacement sequels Judy, you tried, but you just couldn't live up)? Don't worry, I'll save you the Wikipedia wormhole that is looking all of this up for yourself. Just click through the slideshow for where everyone is in good old 2014.

Image: Walt Disney Pictures

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