Fish Might Have Lost Liza's Loyalty

by Kadeen Griffiths

Quite honestly, I think Fish Mooney should have seen this one coming. Just because Liza was willing to beat a woman to death for a job with Fish doesn't mean that she's as ruthless as Fish was hoping she would be. On Monday's episode of Gotham , Liza began to second guess the plan that she and Fish had in place to take down Don Falcone. In fact, she even went so far as to request that Fish pull her out of Don Falcone's clutches — because she was beginning to fear for her life around all these mafia men. And, well, because she wasn't entirely clear what her role was supposed to be here as Falcone mostly saw her as a partial mother figure and a partial chef with the possible potential for a lover later on. Which, ew. However, Fish insisted that Liza continue with the plan and because of that I'm starting to wonder if Liza might betray Fish soon.

Maybe not soon. When Fish gave Liza a vial that would put Falcone to sleep long enough for Liza to steal some information for her, aside from asking if the contents of the vial would kill Falcone and hesitating briefly, nothing stopped Liza from slipping it into the old man's tea. However, Liza is showing numerous signs that Fish might not be able to count on her loyalty to this plan for much longer. In fact, Fish had to recommit Liza to the cause by telling her a fake story about Falcone's men killing her mother — implied to be very much alive in the same episode — in order to get Liza to understand why this plan was so important. And if your minions start needing reasons to follow your orders, it's about time to get rid of them.

You would think that Fish would have learned her lesson from Oswald Cobblepot, better known these days as the Penguin. As well as she claims to have treated Penguin before, he still betrayed her to the GCPD, to Don Falcone, and to Don Maroni. Basically, if Penguin had an opportunity to go behind Fish's back and cause some trouble without getting blood on his hands then he would be doing it — while smiling in Fish's face and pretending everything was fine. Now Liza is second guessing Fish — openly, blatantly — and Fish is responding by keeping her right where she is? In a perfect position to betray her at any time? What is your plan here, Fish Mooney?

Then again, perhaps that honesty is exactly why Fish trusts Liza to complete their plan. Penguin lied to her all the time and was completely untrustworthy, but when Liza had doubts she came to Fish with them the very next time that they spoke. Right now, it seems like Liza is far too honest for a betrayal, unless something happens in her relationship with Falcone that makes her start keeping his secrets from Fish. Once that happens, I hope that Fish has a back-up plan because it appears that her "weapon" is less of a weapon and more of an old softie.

Image: Jessica Miglio/FOX