Natural Beauty on the Runway at Alexander Wang Spring 2014 — Not Just the Models, But Their Bare Skin (!)

Ku-dos to Alexander Wang for putting models on the runway sans makeup and au naturale. In case you didn't see, the models looked beautiful, naturally.

No under eye concealer, no blush, no mascara, no nada.

This isn't about how Erin Wasson, Behati Prinsloo, Joan Smalls, and the other gorgeous models are so etherial that only they don't need makeup — it's about how women in general are beautiful. Hey, we take our beauty trend cues from the runway, right? So this is something we all need to keep in mind. I love and admire Alexander Wang for championing it.

Their glowing skin makes a great case for drinking gallons of water and applying moisturizer, though. Seriously, do you know how little sleep everyone is getting? The models have to take care of themselves to keep looking this good.

It takes a designer with a real love and appreciation for women to understand just how beautiful they are without any help. These are the women representing his collection that he just worked his ass off on, so he has to believe it. As women, we all should too.

Viva Wang!

Image: @crfashionbook on Instagram