Stop Bullying Ladies Who Like Getting Dressed Up

by Jamie Cuccinelli

Sundresses, wrap dresses, maxi, and mini/A-line, and tunics, and full skirts with tulle/Sexy, lace sheaths pulled in with string/These are a few of my favorite things!

Now just imagine me singing that while spinning on a mountain, my flowy dress fanning out around me. Don't judge — Julie Andrews did it first, after all. It’s no secret to anyone who knows me that I’m a dress kind of gal. Open my closet and you’ll be met with oodles of frocks in all sorts of fabrics, lengths, and cuts. Not just saved for formal occasions, wearing dresses all the time keeps me feel pretty, feminine, and makes everyday a little special. Life’s a party and I want to dress like it.

I really can’t express how much I hate wearing pants. They’re restrictive and tight and not ideal for twirling around in meadows. I have one — count ‘em, one — pair of jeans. They’re a great pair and I’m definitely not knocking the whole jeans thing because I know what you’re thinking: Sometimes it’s just literally impossible to wear a dress. And I get that. I wouldn’t wear my Lilly Pulitzer sundress while riding a horse, for example (side note: Does anyone remember when Farrah Abraham did just that on Teen Mom like two years go? Anyone? No? OK). I ain’t about that sidesaddle life. I once went camping in the outback of Australia. I wore jeans then. It was quite a long weekend — one which I do not wish to experience again. Give me Von Furstenberg or give me death. That’s the saying, right?

Dresses may not be for everyone out there, but stop knocking tons of women’s personal style, you pants-wearers of the world. Remember, it takes an intuitive and resourceful mind to stay warm in the middle of a NYC January while going bare-legged, that manipulating a flowly tunic to stay down during gusts of wind is a task meant only for the bravest among us, and for heaven’s sake stop making these comments I’ve heard a thousand times.

1. "Why Are You So Dressed Up?"

Everyone has vastly different ideas of what is considered formal attire and the shirtwaist dress I wear to class is perfectly causal apparel to me. And so what if I want to dress up? I'm not bashing your sweatpants so kindly leave my fabulous dress alone.

2. "Aren't You Cold?"

Dresses may be infamously inappropriate for winter weather conditions but my sweater dress/tights combo is keeping me perfectly toasty, thank you very much.

3. "Aww, Aren't You Cute..."

Yes, I am. Thank you. Now watch me twirl.

4. "How Much Did That Even Cost?"

Dresses have a false reputation for being more expensive than pants and other apparel. A tailored pair of pants that fit well could very well run you into the triple digits, while dresses can be cheaply bought at thrift stores. Plus, there are ton of easy DIY dresses that even the most undomestic among us can achieve. Shoutout to Scarlett O'Hara for the most famous and fabulous dress DIY, ever.

5. "You Know That Outfit Is Really Impractical Right?"

Your point?

6. "You're Such A Girly-Girl..."

Um, no. Just because someone likes to wear dresses doesn't mean they're super girly. It's not all about pink and sparkles. Gothic and retro dresses are a thing, you know. Also, since when is being super feminine a bad thing?

7. "How Do You Even Move/Breathe/Run A Marathon In That?"

I'm not wearing a corset here, people! And while some dresses can be tight or restrictive, there are tons of flowy and loose-fitting options out there. Just try to get this comfy in a pair of skinny jeans.

8. "You Know You Only Dress Like That Because Society Tells You To."

My sparkly dress does not make any less of a feminist than you. But thanks for your concern about my moral well-being.

Images: FOX; Giphy