Whatever Happened To Angela from 'Boy Meets World'? She's Ready To Try A Different Side of Hollywood

Cory and Topanga may have gotten all of the attention for their epic romance on Boy Meets World, but as much as I adored the show's main couple, I couldn't help but feel particularly invested in the relationship between two other Boy Meets World characters. The relationship between Cory's BFF Shawn and Topanga's BFF Angela didn't start out on the playground (or at the lockers, depending on what version of the story Boy Meets World told you that day), but it did start in one of the most romantic ways possible: through a shared love of poetry. Shawn and Angela were just way too soulful for the ABC sitcom to handle, and it breaks my heart that they couldn't make their 'ship work at the end of the day. But don't worry, kids — there's always the chance that we'll find out what exactly happened to Angela and Shawn in the spinoff series Girl Meets World. (In fact, I'll be writing a very strongly worded letter to the powers that be at Disney Channel if we don't.) So what happened to Trina McGee, the actress who played Angela? Here's what she's been up to since her days as Angela Moore.

A Guest Role On So Little Time

The actress played a waitress on Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's 2002 Fox Kids TV series. She appeared in the episode "The New Guy."

A Part On The Hughley's

McGee had a guest role as Mia on the 2002 episode "It's A Girl."

The Role of Cinnamon in Friday After Next

The 2002 final film in Ice Cube's Friday trilogy (it followed the film Next Friday, in case you didn't see a pattern here) featured McGee as Cinnamon. You can check out a clip of Cinnamon flirting with Ice Cube's Craig above. At the time, McGee used the stage name Tekla-Ruchi.

A Guest Part On All Of Us

She played Stacy on a 2007 episode of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith's sitcom, titled "He's Got Game."

A Spokesperson Role For "Trade Secrets Of The Caribbean"

According to McGee's website, she is one of the faces for health and beauty line "Trade Secrets of the Caribbean," a company that makes a fruit supplement that claims to promote health and weight loss.

Creating "The Honey Daily"

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

According to McGee's personal website, she is currently in the process of creating entertainment website The Honey Daily, a site "dedicated to the gossip of the stars you hate and the celebrities you love!" The site is scheduled to launch in 2015.

So what does McGee look like now? Here's a refresher for how she looked in her Boy Meets World days...

And here's what she looks like now:

Still gorgeous, right?

And in case you were wondering where McGee saw Angela and Shawn's future, she's on the same page as all of us Boy Meets World fans. She told HollywoodLife that this is what she hopes Angela did after the curtain closed on the sitcom:

[I imagine] she came back from Europe and realized that everything she needed was right at home. She’ll stay best friends with Topanga, and she’ll settle in her home town.

Sounds like a pretty good plan to me!

Images: ABC; Getty Images