Who Is Dandy Mott's Wife?

by Caitlyn Callegari

If you watch American Horror Story: Freak Show, you may know of a certain sadistic, maniacal, psychopathic character by the name of Dandy Mott. Or, as I like to refer to him as, the character that makes Twisty the Clown look like a cuddly savior. Sure, he's well-groomed and hella handsome, but he also makes my skin crawl the instant his beautiful face shows up on screen. So, it's sort of amazing that anyone besides Dandy's mother wants to be around him considering he had the absolute audacity to kill Patti LaBelle (may Dora rest in peace) AND Matt Bomer. But, in real life I guess he isn't so terrifying (I GUESS). His actual name is Finn Wittrock, significantly less unsettling than "Dandy," and he even has a wife. Like a real, live woman that isn't a clown or a caretaker. I'm rocking your world, aren't I? So who is Finn Wittrock's wife? Besides fearless, here's what else we know.

Wittrock's wife is named is Sarah Roberts and she's a pretty low key kind of lady. There isn't much to go on with her, other than her marriage which happened back in October of which there are plenty of pictures. But not everyone loves the spotlight. It's totally understandable. Here are some things we did find on the woman brave enough to marry Dandy, though:

She attended Juilliard

And so did her new hubby. According to the Daily Mail they both attended the school. Plus, multiple sources refer to Roberts as Wittrock's, "long time love" which means they were (probs) college sweethearts. If that's not cute, not too sure what is.

She seemingly works for designer Juan Carlos Obando

Looks like she has a fancy shmancy job. According to jcobando.com, "Juan Carlos Obando is a Los Angeles based women’s wear and accessories brand founded in 2008. His work is defined by the powerful use of color and an unassuming approach to eveningwear."

She and Wittrock look impossibly happy together

She's elusive, I'm telling ya!

She made a beautiful bride

No denying that.

Image: tiesandfries/Instagram