7 Aaliyah Music Videos To Remind You of her Talent

The new Lifetime biopic of Aaliyah is right around the corner, as Aaliyah: The Princess Of Pop premieres Saturday night, and it's hard not to get bogged down in the unfortunate complications and the controversies that have plagued the film from day one. Problems like the family objecting to the project, not having the Aaliyah's music rights, worrying how exactly the film would handle Aaliyah's controversial alleged relationship with R. Kelly, and the unfortunate casting issues have all been publicized since the project was announced. All of these issues are easy to make anyone worried or uncomfortable with watching the film. But I want to focus on the good, and the one obvious good thing that comes from the film's premiere is that we get to reminisce about Aaliyah and her undeniable talent again. And with that undeniable talent comes some of Aaliyah's best music videos, which stand out as some of the best from the late '90s.

If you were of the right age to really appreciate the late singer's music, you can't think about Aaliyah without remembering some of her extremely iconic music videos. While her songs were wonderful, one of the best things about Aaliyah was the presence she exuded on the screen in those videos. Here are some of the most memorable videos from the late singer's repertoire.

"Are You That Somebody"

One of Aaliyah's most popular songs, this video seemed to completely ignore the weird, yet totally necessary baby noise from the song, but it did show off some fun dance moves and Aaliyah doing her thing.

"More Than A Woman"

There's a lot going on around Aaliyah in the video, she even rides a motorcycle at one point, but it doesn't matter. Your attention is fully focused on her and the words of the song.

"Rock The Boat"

This was sadly the last video Aaliyah recorded before she tragically passed away. The video is both sultry and sweet, which perfectly embodies the song it's representing.

"We Need A Resolution"

Before Britney's VMA snake performance came Aaliyah's snake dance. Enough said.

"Try Again"

The music video that served as inspiration for Chris Messina's choreographed dance on The Mindy Project that melted a thousand hearts. There's a reason this song and video are so popular and it's all because of how cool Aaliyah is throughout it.

"One In A Million"

The song opens on Aaliyah dressed all in black on the hood of a black car and the singer commands the video all the way through. From sitting around with her silver eye patch to literally just pointing at the camera, you can't take your eyes off of Aaliyah. And that's what made her truly great.