Are Hilary Duff & Nico Tortorella Dating? The ‘Younger’ Co-stars Are At Least Hanging Out — PHOTO

Do you know what it means when two celebrities take what looks to be a flirty photo together? Obviously, that photo proves they're dating, in love, getting married, and having babies. In the case of Younger co-stars Hilary Duff and Nico Tortorella, that's exactly the type of speculation that's revving up. On Monday night, Duff shared a photo via Instagram of a group of friends at the Jamestown Revival concert which showed Tortorella's arms around Duff as she sits on his lap. Let the rumors start swirling! Now, the two are being put under the microscope over whether they're dating. Well, there's no official word, but according to a source who spoke with Us Weekly, Tortorella was "all over" Duff throughout the concert.

As we all know, some stars like to keep their relationships on the down low, and that just might be the case for these two. However, I don't think Duff is helping the situation, as she REMOVED the photo from her Instagram. Yep, it's gone. Hmm... that's strange. Why did she delete it? Maybe she didn't want rumors to spread? Maybe she didn't like the photo of herself? Whatever the case, this will most likely make people believe those dating rumors.

For those who are upset because Duff removed the photo, don't worry, because here is another screenshot of the pic, in addition to one posted by Duff's friend Olivia Bannock, who also attended the concert. Yeah, Duff and Tortorella look pretty cozy, but, remember, these dating rumors are indeed just rumors. Maybe they're just close friends having fun and cuddling? We all do that, right? And, if she is dating him, good for her, because she's had a rough time in the love department.