A DIY Sunburst Mirror You Can Make Yourself — for $25 or Less

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These days, the mid-century-style sunburst mirror is popping up in every home design catalog and lifestyle store known to man. Why the trend, you ask? It’s clearly a star! Ha. The sunburst mirror is thought to have emerged in 16th-century France, but it’s probably recognized more now for its popularity in both the mid-century and glitzy Hollywood Regency eras. Regardless of its provenance, though, there’s no argument that this celestial accessory has made a serious comeback.

Back then, sunburst mirrors were mainly composed of metal or wood, delicately hand-forged or -carved with gilded and silver-plated surfaces. Now, well… they’re mostly mass-produced. And yes, you guessed it: they’re not cheap.

Turns out, it’s a super-easy DIY project! Just grab a round mirror (any size is fine), some bamboo BBQ skewers from your local dollar store, and a can of colorful spray paint. Leave the fake gold leafing to the big box stores, and check out our step-by-step primer on creating your own mid-century style sunburst mirror.

Images: Allegra Muzzillo (15)

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