Bryan Cranston Is Bringing Yet Another Crime Drama To CBS, But Will It Be Just Like All the Rest?

The former and possibly forever Walter White, Bryan Cranston's mind is still on crime. The Breaking Bad actor is bringing a brand new crime drama to CBS, a land resplendent with plenty of those. And no, I'm sorry: It's not another Breaking Bad spinoff like the one they've got brewing at AMC.

The show in question is called Sneaky Pete, and it's being produced by Cranston with House creator David Shore. So what's it about, and who is this "Sneaky Pete?" Via Deadline:

Sneaky Pete centers on a thirty-something con man who, upon leaving prison, takes cover from his darker past by assuming the identity of a cellmate. “Sneaky Pete” hides out from the mob while working for the cellmate family’s bail bond business, taking down criminals worse than himself. Over time, he discovers a family life he’s never had, and possibly true love with a woman who sees through his BS.

Cranston's had what most in the entertainment industry would probably consider a pretty phenomenal past few years, what with winning all the Emmys in existence and, more recently, a Tony. So far, he only has four producers credits under his IMDb belt: Last Chance from 1999, a documentary short called KidSmartz from 2003, The Handlers, and Breaking Bad.

CBS hardly needs another crime procedural, but every once in a while one will come along and surprise the general public — it'll be interesting to see if Sneaky Pete is one of those, especially coming from two people with a track record already promising in the realm of antiheroic leads.