Ugh, Is Bey Still Photoshopping Her Pics?

Is Beyonce really still photoshopping her pictures? Did she learn nothing from her thigh-gap photoshop bust that literally went viral in minutes? Guess not... Beyoncé was once again caught possibly photoshopping pictures of her butt on her personal website. Being someone who's famed and praised for having a voluptuous booty, you'd think Queen B would flaunt her derrière proudly, not retouch it to look smaller. On top of that, she positions herself as a devoted feminist, inspiring girls to love the skin they're in and to embrace their curves. Something is wrong here.

So, how did these rumors start? According to BuzzFeed, the background curtains around B's waist/hip area look distorted, a pretty common sign of photoshop. Ironically, she wears a onesie reading "99 problems but my ass ain't one" in the photo, although it seems her ass is a problem - to her at least. The pictures sparked an Internet meltdown of disappointed Beyoncé fans, claiming she's a hypocrite for preaching feminism yet still editing her pictures. Why B? You're one of the most perfect humans in many eyes, no need to warp your body to look "slimmer", we love you just the way you are.

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