Watch Mario And Peach Argue Gender Roles And Break Up Over #GamerGate – VIDEO

At this point, the worst thing about #GamerGate is that it's not over, and that all the sexist pigs threatening female gamers into prison. In the spirit of taking down #GamerGate, Funny Or Die has released this hilarious video of Princess Peach and Mario fighting about gender politics and breaking up. Mario doggedly sticks to the #GamerGate line that the whole hoopla is about "ethics in video game journalism", but obviously that stacks up like a house of cards when things get heated between him and Peach (at which point Peach hilariously throws a banana peel at him. Very Mario Kart).

The argument between them begins with Mario pointing out that the Princess was created to be saved, therefore making her a sex object. Peaches bites back that Mario went from being a lowly plumber living in a sewer to living the high life in her castle, and that just because he saved her life way back when, it doesn't make her indebted to him forever. And yet Mario won't back down from the "ethics in video game journalism" argument. Familiar? The best part easily comes towards the end of the fight when Mario has a soft moment; I wont spoil it for you, so watch below and prepare to giggle.

Image: Funny or Die