How to Have a Vegetarian Thanksgiving That's as Coma-Inducing As the Traditional Feast

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Thanksgiving may be known by many as "Turkey Day," but that doesn't mean your table has to include a huge, dressed bird. With so many vegetable, dessert, and side dish options, Thanksgiving has plenty of meatless dishes that totally steal the spotlight. In fact, it's entirely possible (and delicious) to prepare a completely vegetarian Thanksgiving feast that blows turkey out of the water — seriously!

From mouthwatering vegetarian appetizers to hearty main courses that are total show stoppers, we've rounded up a perfect menu that will set you up for the best meatless holiday ever. Feel free to throw in some tasty vegan stuffing, and you're all set for a feast that's guaranteed to keep you full for hours. Now get cooking.

Image: The Crepes of Wrath

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