Will Peter Ever Find The Right Woman?

I know it is called The Mindy Project, but I think it is time we spend a little time on another project: Peter. Peter has always been the too-old-frat-star doctor that is more interested in partying and hooking up — despite his failed attempts — than settling down and getting serious with his life. Then he met Abby, Tamara's friend, played by the perfect Allison Tolman. Abby was a no nonsense romance novelist that Peter initially brushed off, but ended up having feelings for during the first of Tolman's two guest episodes. Unfortunately, The Mindy Project 's couple of the moment, Abby and Peter, called it quits on Tuesday's episode, but it might be for the better, as Peter could actually start growing up and looking to settle down.

Peter's character was has always had a special place in my heart. He is goofy, kind of an asshole — but doesn't really mean to be —, and reminds me way too much of the frat stars I knew from college. Unfortunately for Peter, while those characteristics might be somewhat charming in a 22-year-old (they're really not that charming), for a 30-something doctor, they always felt a little pathetic. So when was Peter's time going to come when he realized he needed to become serious about life? When was his character going to move forward?

There's nothing wrong with having fun with life. As Peter said in the beginning of the episode, he loved that Abby didn't try to change him and make him something he wasn't. She didn't want to go to brunch with him, or ask him to build shelves, or (my favorite) go visit a friend's newborn baby. She seemed like the perfect person for Peter. It wasn't until Peter needed to miss out on a 24-hour dance rave (do those really exist?) and deliver babies into the world — a.k.a., his job — that he realized he might want a little more to life than just chilin' out (I think that's how we can define Peter's lifestyle — chilin').

Peter's breakup with Abby was huge for him. Finally, he is progressing as a character, a character that needs someone to encourage him to put pants on before he leaves the house. This is great news for him, because maybe, just maybe, Peter will find someone to be happy with. Because that's all we really want for the guy, right?

Images: Erica Parise/FOX; Giphy