Watch Anderson Cooper Get Trolled By His Coworkers

by Abby Johnston

People are sensitive about scents. You have to be careful about bringing them into office spaces, because while you might really like your fresh sugar cookie Yankee candle, it might give your coworker flashbacks to forced quality time with their crazy great-grandmother. And sometimes, the scents that smell good to you just don't smell good to others. That's why the production staff of AC360, fed up with the star's atrocious scent choices, trolled Anderson Cooper about his apparently potent candle on the show's Ridiculist segment.

On Monday, Cooper was supposed to be talking about the annoying habits of coworkers, but unbeknownst to him his staff took the opportunity to let him introduce one of his own. The segment featured footage of a burning candle in Cooper's office. He was a good sport about the joke, lapsing into the most adorable giggle fit that you'll see all week.

First, I would like to say that Anderson Cooper is perfect. He can do no wrong, and the ungrateful employees of AC 360 should all take a good, hard look at their life choices before they decide to criticize that flawless angel of news...

Wait. What? It was a basil candle? OK, that's kind of disgusting.

The staffers had varied, oddly specific opinions on what the candle smelled like. Needless to say, they couldn't come to a consensus.

Cooper was most taken aback by the comparison to Mario Batali's Crocs, which he noted were offensive to both the nostrils and the eyes. You have to give the staff points for their journalistic prowess and ability to make tangible comparisons, because you know that they, like this journalist, understand the perils of dumpster ravioli.

Cooper had a few explanations for the candle purchase, two of which are absolutely more disgusting than a basil-scented candle. His researcher told him that his jeans, which he admitted that he doesn't wash, were smelly, so he bought the candle to cancel out the stench. Um, ew, Anderson. I'm in grad school and somehow I find the time to at least wash my jeans and carry on with my daily life. The second rationale is that the break room smells like rotting cheese. Hey, CNN? Get it together. You can't find room in your budget for fresh cheese? When in doubt, just go for the Kraft singles.

But Cooper finally concluded that he was just trying to create a serene office environment for his coworkers, because he is a thoughtful, beautiful individual. While I am hesitant to support besmirching him in anyway, I would at least like to thank the AC360 staff for giving us a glorious giggle.

Images: Screenshots/CNN (4)