Dad Makes Baby Iron Man Costume For His Sick Infant Son & It’s Too Sweet For Words — VIDEO

Welp, the last thing I expected to be doing on a Wednesday morning is getting teary-eyed at a YouTube video primarily dealing with costume construction, but this is a special occasion. Per a new YouTube video that's gone viral, a father chronicled his construction of a Iron Man suit for his infant son, who has spent the first few months of his life in a hospital since being born prematurely in July. According to the father, Eric Hart, he wanted to help his son feel strong throughout the lengthy hospitalization.

"I came up with Iron Man because he’s been hooked up to all those machines and wires," Hart — who is a professional prop maker — explained after the video, which was posted earlier this month, went viral. (So far, it's got over 590,000 views — and counting.) "And that’s similar to what Iron Man went through."

The video's explanation is similar: During the clip, which shows Hart working meticulously on the pint-sized costume for his son, an overlay of text reads: "Our son has spent his entire life in the hospital...for his first Halloween, he needed a costume that would help him feel brave. Why not Iron Man?"

Seriously. Tears streaming down my face. This is way too sweet for words.

Image: Eric Hart/YouTube