'Frozen' Actress Who Voiced Teenage Elsa Was Reportedly Paid a Pretty Unfair Salary

I do want to stress first and foremost that this is a report from TMZ, so it's wise to take it with a grain of salt. However, if what this story is alleging is true, it's pretty messed up: According to TMZ, the actress who voiced a teenaged Elsa in Frozen , Spencer Lacey Ganus, reportedly only received a small compensation for her work, despite the fact that the Disney animated film went on to become the fifth highest-grossing film everglobally.

Per TMZ's report, Ganus was allegedly hired under a contract that only guaranteed her "one-day" payment totaling $926.20 — pretty much nothing compared to the $400 million that the film grossed domestically, and the $1.2 billion that it grossed globally. Though it's true that Ganus' role voicing teen Elsa was fairly small (TMZ points out that she only had a few lines before Idina Menzel took over the voice work for an adult Elsa, and Perez Hilton lists off only three lines), it still seems a little unfair that Ganus allegedly didn't receive more compensation after the film at least hit the $1 billion mark. No matter how small her role was (or how little time it took to record her lines), she was still an integral part of the movie, and Elsa is a lead role.

It's not clear how much stars like Menzel, Kristen Bell, or even Eva Bella — who voiced Elsa as a child — made in comparison to Ganus, but TMZ did point out that Ganus' reported salary was only .000077% of the movie's total gross.

At least she'll always be able to say she was apart of one of the most iconic movies of the decade?

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