World Trade Center Window Washers Rescued After Being Trapped On Tower's Scaffolding

Both of the window washers who had been dangling precariously off the side of the One World Trade Center tower Wednesday afternoon have been rescued, ABC reports. Emergency personnel rushed to the scene to rescue the pair, who became stuck near the 68th floor after one of the cables holding the scaffold platform failed.

For over an hour, the workers remained high above Lower Manhattan as emergency responders figured out how to bring them to safety. Ultimately, the New York Fire Department reached them by going through the window of the One World Trade Center Tower closest to the dangling workers. But first, the crew had to cut through two layers of glass to reach the scaffolding platform.

The harrowing rescue transfixed people in Manhattan and on Twitter alike Wednesday as people Tweeted photos of the scaffolding platform hanging from the Western hemisphere's tallest skyscraper. As the operation got underway, the Port Authority had told media outlets that both workers were secure inside the scaffolding platform and that the Fire Department was in communication with them both. The FDNY even took to social media to reassure people that the workers were secure inside the scaffolding platform and that firefighters were going to reach them soon.

CBS tweeted a picture of one worker being pulled to safety inside One World Trade Center:

For awhile, it appeared that a second scaffold platform was also being lowered down towards the trapped workers. CBS News reported that NYPD officers were aboard the second platform:

The situation appeared to occur at around 12:45 pm ET. The 9/11 Memorial and Museum have been closed to visitors until the rescue is completed.

And a closer view of the listing platform:

For more perspective on just how high up these two workers were trapped: