You Will Seriously Not Believe What This House Looks Like Now — PHOTOS

Sweater-artist (totally a thing) Kat O'Sullivan turned an upstate dump (one that can only be best described as a "murder bungalow") into a multi-colored psychedelic dreamscape of a house that every 5-year-old and acid-head I know (and also me now) would dream of living in. She didn't just paint her house ever hue under the sun, she also gave it EYES AND A MOUTH! It's a living (not really), breathing (not this either) thing! Which is awesome unless you're tripping and it goes to a dark place, in which case I can easily imagine this house could potentially inspire nightmares wherein you believe it is trying to eat you/your soul. But other than that, totally great house.

I wish I had the level of imagination and skill to see a shack in the woods and turn it into something that looked like this. While I can easily picture seeing this house from the side of the road and imagining just how many bodies are piled up in the basement, I lack the ingenuity to see my potential dream-home. Even if I did have that sort of artistic vision, any attempt at seeing it come to fruition would probably end in tears, hot glue burns, and potentially a small but devastating house fire.

In the town where I went to college, there was a house called Purple Haze. This was appropriate because the house was a stunning shade of unnatural violet. I wanted to move in, grow my hair out to my butt and make my living selling sunflowers from the mammoth sunflower garden I would grow. There probably would've also been a lot of weed involved in this scenario. This was just one of many houses I have seen in my lifetime and dreamed of living in forever and ever. Growing up, there was a house in my town that I called the "Gingerbread Manor." I was all about that place until I learned that someone was murdered there, at which point my fear of ghosts firmly outweighed my curiosity about ghosts and also my passion for brightly-colored buildings. And fair enough, I say! Fair enough.

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