These Cookies Are The Most Impressive Baking Art Ever, In Addition To Looking Totally Yummy—VIDEO

I don't expect a lot from my desserts. In fact, even as we speak, in my fridge there rests a giant plastic bowl full of something called "dirt" which is nothing more than what came about when a cooling cake was knocked to the floor by an excited dog. That's right: I was too eager to eat the cake to get rid of it, so I just dumped the remnants and some frosting in a a bowl along with some chocolate chips and called it a day. A delicious damn day.

Suffice to say, when it comes the beauty of my treats, I don't care (typically) provided that the treat-in-question is appropriately delicious. Amber Spiegel's expertly decorated cookies? Yeah, they make me care. From adorable Christmas Sweater cookies to bacon and eggs cookies, she's got this whole "designing cute cookies and making it look easy as hell" thing totally down. Her video tutorials are completely mesmerizing. Seriously, I've spent the better part of the day watching them. Ugh, these things are such a tease: A video tutorial, no matter how artful, is not going to make me into someone with natural artistic ability. But a girl (and a self-professed monster person when it comes to baked goods) can always dream.

SweetAmbsCookies on YouTube

Images: SweetAmbs /Facebook(8)