28 Amazing 'Lizzie McGuire' Hair Moments, Because No One Else Rocks Crimped Hair Quite Like She Could

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If everything and anything about Lizzie McGuire doesn't scream 2000s, then I'm not sure what does. Oh Lizzie, you taught my 9-year-old self how find the best choker at Claire's or the top with the most rhinestones at Limited Too.

Yeah, Lizzie had some pretty adventurous outfits, but let's talk about her HAIR. She literally went from a half updo to a crimped look to red streaks in one episode. HOW? WHY? I can't imagine what the Lizzie McGuire prop room looked like back in the day.

But hey, she owned her look. Here are 24 of the best hairstyles Lizzie wore back in the good ol' days of Disney Channel.

Images: officiallizziemcguire/Youtube (28)

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