Lamar Odom Insists He Does Not Have a Drug Problem After Leaving Sushi Dinner

Two Kardashian Krisis updates in one day: This is a case with more twists and turns than Mullholland drive. According to a video posted by TMZ, Lamar Odom has finally spoken out about his alleged drug problem — only to say that he doesn't have one, at all.

In the video, Lamar is seen leaving LA sushi joint Teru Sushi in Studio City, and is asked by the paparazzi whether or not he has a drug problem — a ballsy question to ask someone who is at least two feet taller than you.

Lamar keeps it cool, however, and asks if he looks OK. The cameraman affirms that he does, and Lamar says he doesn't have a drug problem and gets in a car with his friend.

As he's getting in the car, Lamar is asked if he has a message for his fans, and he says that he loves them, before shutting the door. It seems like he doesn't want to talk much more, but the cameraman presses: Is Lamar still speaking to Khloe? Lamar laughs, comments "that's my wife, man," then the car drives off.

Now — I want to believe this video, I really do, but the tone of Lamar's voice is slightly worrisome — he sounds almost like he's slurring a bit. This is just speculation, however, but knowing the way he talks normally, it's not all that comforting.

You can check the video out for yourself over at TMZ, here.