Are Ice Cube Skin Treatments Legit?

by Jamie Cuccinelli

On occasion, it seems to me that the beauty industry is just pranking us all. It seems like every time I think I've tried every crazy beauty remedy out there, a new one pops up to leave my head spinning. The most recent? Skincare infused ice cubes. More specifically, Mila Moursi's Cyro Serum Ice Cube Infusions. Remember that age-old trick of rubbing ice cubes under your eyes to de-puff your peepers? Yeah, it's kinda like that, but better. Basically, they’re small packets of skin serum that you pop into the freezer and then apply to your face after they become, well, Ice Cube Infusions.

Recently, I’ve come to the disheartening conclusion that I’m not as young as I once was. I can no longer dance for three days straight at music festivals without spending the following week on my deathbed. I’ve made the switch from tequila shots to gin and tonics (probably a wise decision). And I’m about turn 22, meaning all of those fun, big, young milestone birthdays have already been celebrated — birthdays 16, 18, and 21 are officially thing of a past. Now, before anyone over 30 reading this begins sharpening their pitchforks, I know that in the grand scheme of things, I’m technically not that old but lately my lack of sleep and upcoming birthday has got me feeling like I need to amp up my skincare routine. So these alleged miracle cubes seem like just what I needed.

What's in that infusion cocktail that makes it different than the plain, old tap water ice cubes that are already in your freezer? Well, to justify the $155 price tag for eight of those little tubs, ingredients better include the souls of small children and Angelina Jolie's breath. While I don't think those particular ingredients could be obtained legally, there's still some pretty awesome goodies packed into the Cyro Serum including amino acids like sodium PCA and glutamic acid, and oat, raspberry, strawberry, and blackberry extracts. And after a night out and very little sleep, the product's promise to remove toxins, create radiance, tighten skin, and fight the dreaded puffiness, sounded pretty good to me.

Despite my old age, I still don't always make the best decisions. Dollar Beer Tuesdays at the local bar when I have to be up at 7:30 on Wednesday morning is a great example of one those decisions. Like I said, I can't fully function on minimal rest like I used to. Miss out on beauty sleep and I start to feel (and unfortunately look) a little subhuman. And that's putting it nicely.

After throwing my alarm at the wall and crawling towards to the mirror like a creature out of a horror movie, my one solace was the Ice Cube Infusions I had chilling in my freezer. I still had my doubts as I popped the frozen cube of serum from its packet and slipped it into one of the tea bag-like satchels included in the package. But then the scent hit me and the heavens opened. Oh good god, do these smell lovely. Like tea tree oil and whatever that gorgeous scent is that I swear they pump through the vents at spas. To me, that smell alone is worth the hefty price tag. But the Ice Cube Infusions also give the results to back up its pretty scent.

As I proceeded to rub this really expensive ice cube all over my face, apparently "boosting circulation" and "reducing inflammation," I felt less silly than I thought I would and just really, really refreshed. Seriously, the cold Cyro Serum felt so nice on my tired, thirsty skin. And pressing it underneath my puffy eyes. Whoa. That was some next level ish. Just don't let the serum drip into your eyes as it melts. Yes, it hurt. I also rubbed it on my neck and décolletage, as the instructions suggested, but the only thing that got me was some cold boobies.

Lo and behold, when I was all done, I no longer looked like a troll doll! My skin felt hydrated and looked even and clear, my eyes were thankfully de-puffed, and my face was brighter and practically glowing. It was the miraculous beauty pick-me-up I needed. Now, at $155 a pop, this isn't something I would use everyday but it's a pretty unique and luxe treatment that's perfect to pamper yourself with after a crazy night out or before a special event that'll have you looking and feeling like that rich spa diva I know you are at heart.

Images: Courtesy of Mila Moursi Skincare;