Taylor Won Lorde Over Pretty Quickly

by Nicole Pomarico

It's hard to believe, but there was a time in recent history where Taylor Swift and Lorde weren't each other's most trusted confidantes. In fact, there was a time in recent history that Lorde could hardly be considered a fan of Swift's, but the BFF Instagrams and adorable paparazzi shots of the pals together make it easy to forget that ever happened. The truth is that their friendship is still relatively new, and the way they became close is kind of unconventional — outside of Hollywood, anyway. And so begins the beautiful story of how Lorde and Taylor Swift met.

It all began with Lorde's famous diss back in October 2013, when "Royals" was just starting to blow up and Lorde, filled with the power only overnight celebrities are capable of wielding, began broadcasting her opinions on the music industry — something that made me hang my head in disappointment. "Oh, Lorde," I remember ironically whispering to myself. "I wanted so badly to like you, but then you had to say something about Taylor Swift." In my life, insults toward Taylor Swift are unforgivable acts, and I've barely been able to look at John Mayer in the years since their breakup. Of course, Swift has been called many things worse than "too flawless and unattainable," as Lorde said, but an insult is an insult.

But then, according to the story Lorde told in an interview with Rolling Stone, Swift sent Lorde flowers to congratulate her on her success, and when they met soon afterward, Swift was seemingly unaware that Lorde had ever insulted her. And when she found out? She just had to shake it off, as Swift is prone to do.

"She was like, 'It's fine. If all you've done is call someone perfect, it's not that bad,'" Lorde said, proving that Swift is the most clever lady alive. Because I have this theory that Swift totally knew about the insult and then sent the flowers to win Lorde over, and it totally worked. Kill 'em with kindness, right?

Since then, Swift and Lorde have become inseparable, and their adorable Instagram pics are so beautiful I want to have them printed out so I can wallpaper my house in them. I can't wait until Swift has tiny, blonde, musically gifted children someday that Auntie Ella will dress up in black suits and dark makeup when she keeps them in New Zealand for the summer.

They're so close now that Lorde was even the first person Swift let listen to 1989 in full, an honor I am extremely jealous of:

I think one of the first people that I played the entire album for was my friend Ella, who goes by Lorde. She’s one of my favorite people to kind of bounce ideas off of — she gives really good advice. And it’s interesting to see what her favorites are.

My fingers are crossed that they're planning a collaboration for Lorde's next album, because it would most likely become my new favorite song instantly. And when Swift marries someone someday (I'm hoping for a Harry Styles reunion, personally), I can't wait to see Lorde up on that altar between Selena Gomez and Karlie Kloss, fidgeting in the gauzy pastel gown I know Swift will choose for her bridesmaids before giving a toast at the reception that will make us all feel a little awkward, but also overjoyed at the same time.

And they lived happily ever after.