Chobani Yogurt Sickens 89: What Other Foods Are Most Likely to Give you Food Poisoning?

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On Tuesday, the FDA revealed that it had received 89 reports of food poisoning courtesy of yogurt brand Chobani.

Consumers had reported nausea and cramps, said a FDA spokesperson, but didn't disclose any more details. Chobani started recalling more than 35 brands of yogurt last week, having discovered that the yogurt had "swelled or bloated" inside the cups. The company announced it had identified the issue — apparently that the yoghurt had come into contact with mold during the manufacturing process — and was still working to recall, or have destroyed, the products that already made it to grocery stores.

Yogurt isn't a typical cause of food poisoning, but faulty production occurs in a wide spectrum of products — hardly any kind of food and drink has no possibility of being contaminated and accidentally released. (You feel better now, right?) Still, there are a few foods that are more likely to turn your stomach than any else. And now, of course, you have to know what they are...

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