Good News for 'Graceland' Fans, Old & New

Really great news for those of you watching USA. According to Deadline, the Daniel Sunjata- Aaron Tveit-starring drama Graceland has been renewed for a second season, after being ranked the number one new cable scripted series of the summer, and seeing ratings rising by about a million viewers over the course of the season.

"Jeff Eastin has once again delivered for USA Network ... We’re proud to be the home of one of the summer’s top new cable dramas and anticipate Graceland will be a long-term player for the network," USA President Chris McCumber commented of the renewal. The series has been granted a 13-episode second season that will probably begin airing sometime next year.

As for Graceland itself, if you're not one of the average 4 million viewers watching every week — the show follows a rookie FBI agent named Mike Warren (Tveit) who is "shipped off" to a Southern California beachhouse that is called "Graceland" (hey, the title is in the show!) and is actually a base for safehousing undercover agents. While there, Mike is assigned investigate another FBI agent, the legendary Paul Briggs (Sunjata) — who is also his mentor. Draaaaaaaaama. Anything for more of those two guys on our TV screens.